Floridah's introduction

Hello team mUzima!Hope you are all doing great,My name is Floridah Angila Ashitua from Kenya,a trained social worker,passionate about technology and helping women and girls access quality healthcare which to me is a sure way of potentially getting them actively involved in designing their future.

I am expressing my interest in project #3(Documentation),this is because I have writing,researching and reporting skills which I acquired while training as a social worker.I am also very passionate about policy development and activism.

i am so eager to take part in this internship as I would want to be part of the team that will bring about potential solutions to our current healthcare challenges.
I have volunteer experience working with rescue centers,organizations that mainly focus on ending all forms of child abuse,where the main challenge is in the documentation and putting together victims/survivors health records.

This is one project that will have me prepared to make the impact I was born to make.Looking forward to sharing,learning,sharpening and acquiring new skills,knowledge and experience.

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