General Questions on how to get started with mUzima

Welcome to mUzima! For those who are new to mUzima, have questions how to get started, or run into challenges how to set up mUzima, please post the following information here which would help the community to provide responses.

Implementation Name:
OpenMRS version:
mUzima Core Module version:
mUzima apk version:
Android version:
Description of the question/challenge:

I hope you are doing fine, I would like to know if it is possible to have more than one input mapped to the same concept on the same form and not have them mixed up when reviewed. In short am talking about the obsgroup Idea on usual openMRS forms.

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Hi, @jbyiringiro, we have supported forms that with obsgroup in the past for the prescription details (drug name, dosage, frequency, etc.).

Thanks, would you point me to one of the forms that include them.

Hi everyone, I would like to have a second eye(form checking).
Anyone who is interested in testing, please contact me privately for credentials.Thanks

Link to the html forms about cervical and breast cancer.

forms to look at are the ones related to breast and cervical cancer

Hi @jbyiringiro, we make use of concept-set class to enable this i.e have the fields having same concept in different divs with class concept-set. Here is an example how to do it


It looks like I can’t upload the word form but I can send it to whoever is interested.


@jbyiringiro, You can upload the forms (word document) to dropbox then put the link here.


thanks @bmokaya,
here is the link to the file.

Breast and cervical cancer screening

Implementation Name: PIH rwanda
OpenMRS version:1.9.11
mUzima Core Module version:1.5.0
mUzima apk version:2.5.0 beta
Android version:9
Description of the question/challenge:

It looks like I can’t login in mUzima app connection to my instance.
anyone interested contact for account info to test and advise.
I feel like I am missing something.


Are you connecting via http or https. Android 9 devices and above do not support connection over http (connection on clear text channel).

@bmokaya, your response was on point. I was using android 9

but I would like to know whether putting a self-signed certificate on the server would do the trick for us because it is taking long to get one.


No @jbyiringiro, Android does not support self-signed certificates. You can let the IT team install LetsEncrypt SSL that is free.

thanks @bmokaya ,

I would also like to ask about the recommended maximum number of patients in a cohort.


IT team says LetsEncrypt doesn’t work on ubuntu 14!

@bmokaya, does mUzima have a patient Identifier generating function that will not collide when they meet at the central server.

I am also open to other suggestions .putting in mind that the mobile device are offline.

@jbyiringiro, No mUzima mobile application does not have the ability to generate patient Identifiers, what it can is to validate the identifier entered by the user.


I have a registration form issue mostly with contact phone number and identifier! I need help
here is the link : form
here is the error

deleting muzima tables and removing the module, then uploading the module again doesn’t create table!

The above Is a characteristic of my instance,It is not a mUzima module issue

my other issue is

On mUzima core 1.5 and the matching mUzima App ,
when creating a person on the relationship feature, the demographics given are limited, you can’t add anymore.
I would like to be directed if there is away that I don’t know.
example of demographic: phone number and address.