General Questions on how to get started with mUzima

The above Is a characteristic of my instance,It is not a mUzima module issue

my other issue is

On mUzima core 1.5 and the matching mUzima App ,
when creating a person on the relationship feature, the demographics given are limited, you can’t add anymore.
I would like to be directed if there is away that I don’t know.
example of demographic: phone number and address.

I am having trouble on retrieving cohorts. It was working but it is now not working! I don’t know if it is due to the big number of cohorts we put on the server!


Hi @jbyiringiro, what is the number of cohorts that you have.
What is the OpenMRS version, muzima-core version, and mysql version used in the server instance.


I currently have like 100 cohorts , and we are planning to add more!
openmrs version: 1.9.11
muzima core version:1.5
mysql version 5.6.40

@jbyiringiro, Is there any error logged in on server relating to cohort download.

@bmokaya There is non!

@jbyiringiro, the issue is due to pagination, the server returns the next page with a redirection, thus the mobile app does not trust the redirection thereby failing. The server should be configured not to return a redirect.

@bmokaya, how should I go about this?

@jbyiringiro there are two options

  1. Configuring your tomcat server to do the redirections instead of apache2(Tomcat has issues with pagination when apache2 does the redirections)

  2. Set the value of in OpenMRS-advanced-setting to something greater than your cohort numbers.

Option 1 is a temporary fix, I will advise you to go with option 1 if possible.

Thanks alot @bmokaya, you saved me a lot of headache!

why the first option if it is temporary?

Sorry @jbyiringiro, I meant option 2 is a temporary fix as you have only raised the value, if the items e.g cohorts exceed the value it will start failing again.

@bmokaya, would the change of value have any effect that you know of to other openmrs modules or to the whole system?


I am Having duplicate patient on muzima app after creating patient and syncing all data or having real time sync on, which results in app crashing.

This the process to replicate the issue

  • Login in to a location
  • (real time sync off)
  • create a patient
  • Sync all data
  • log out
  • log in
  • sync all (the system may crash at this moment)
  • Duplicate is there.

openmrs version: 1.9.11
muzima core version:1.5
mysql version 5.6.40


Hi @jbyiringiro please test using this omod and this apk from either google drive or dropbox,

@bmokaya It looks like I can create a patient on the app!

I clicked on save and couldn’t get response, but I can draft!

@jbyiringiro, I have not understood the issue you are facing, can you please clarify.

@bmokaya, ooh sorry, I meant I can’t create a patient on the app. when I click save on the registration form(that normally works ) I don’t get any response.
but I draft the form!

@jbyiringiro, can you share the registration form you are using, then let me know if the patient identifier is generated at server side.

@bmokaya, I will send you via email. The Patient Identifier is auto generated on the registration form.

Thanks alot @bmokaya.the new release will help.