Is Outreachy internship deadline still be 2 April?

I found on Submit a Project Application page for mUzima deadline is changed to March 26, 2019 4pm UTC. But the latest deadline I was informed for mUzima via email is April 2, 2019 4pm UTC.
Is Outreachy internship deadline still be 2 April or it change?

Due to competitive applicants and guidance from Outreachy and our sponsor, we will close the applications on March 26, 2019. You can submit all the contributions on your applications (including all tickets that you feel you have made contributions even if they haven’t been confirmed they are checked). We will review all the tickets applicants include on their applications and confirm which ones are true contributions/partial contributions or not. Credits will be given accordingly. Thanks!

Hello @ada.yeung
I have followed the Outreachy current projects and taught that the final day for submission is 2 April as told on that page.So I didnot record the contributions I have done to the project,Could you pleaseeee help me this is the only hope for me

Dear @puja_jaji28, did you finish your application? If you are not able to record the tickets, can you try to do it ASAP? If it’s not possible, please let me know here by posting the ticket links and I will include those when our team does the application reviews. Thanks!

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No Ada I did not finish the application… It was showing like this…Screenshot%20from%202019-03-27%2001-13-46|690x387
Yup !!!
Yes I can’t record the tickets right now
Yup I will post the ticket link here and continue to contribute for the mUzima <3
Thank you so much for the patience

One of tickets is in the drafts Should I submit it now and give the link here

Hello Ada!
Please find the following links of my tickets!!
Thank you so much!

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This is to confirm that I will include those on your application reviews, @puja_jaji28. Thanks!

Hello @ada.yeung ,

I found the application deadline for outreachy project “mUzima testing” is changed to March 26, 2019. Since the earlier deadline for was April 2, 2019, I did not record any contribution I made to the project. Can you please help me regarding this.

Links to my contributions -


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Thank you so much Ada!

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This is to confirm that I will include those on your application reviews, @Vanshika. Thanks!

Thank you so much !

Hello @ada.yeung
I had also not added my contributions for these tickets. Please help me add them.

Thank you!

Thanks, @balirwa, I will include those for review.

@balirwa, @Vanshika, @puja_jaji28, @h_supi,

Sage suggested you to email ( the following so Sage can manually add the missing information to your applications.

  1. Which mUzima project are you applying to?

  2. Please describe your experience with this free software community and
    project as a user and as a contributor.

  3. Please describe your experience with any other free software projects
    as a user and as a contributor.

  4. Please describe any relevant projects (either personal, work, or
    school projects) that helped you gain skills you will use in this
    project. Talk about what knowledge you gained from working on them.
    Include links where possible.

  5. (Optional) Please describe which Google Summer of Code communities
    and projects you are applying for, and provide mentor contact

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will do that, Thank you @ada.yeung
How about the recent contributions I have done.
Because for the people who have done on March 26 itself have an opportunity to keep recording their contributions they do meanwhile till May 6 awaiting results


Another question Please!

The response those those questions are to be emailed directly or
attaching a word document comprising those responses is better

Thanks in Advance @ada.yeung !

Please include contributions in the email as well, @puja_jaji28. Thanks!

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Done,Thank you so much @ada.yeung !

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