mUzima app v2.7.0 and mUzimaCore v1.7.0 Beta testing

Hello everyone!

It is another exciting moment to announce mUzima for Health Providers 2.7.0 and mUzima Core 1.7.0 are ready for Beta testing! The Beta test APK and mUzima Core module will be available for testing for the next two weeks (14 Days) before it is promoted to production if no issue is raised.

This release comes with:

  • Support for additional languages, namely Hindi and Gujarat besides English, Swahili, French and Portuguese,
  • Features for index case testing, such enabling person demographics update and Person Obs processing,
  • Bug fixes and several UI enhancements for improved user experience.

Please refer to to mUzima 2.7.0 APK Release plan and mUzimaCore 1.7.0 release plan for a list of new features, improvements and bug fixes that have been incorporated in this release.

All implementers and volunteers are invited to participate in the testing (against a replica of their production environment) to ensure that everything is working well before the final release is done.

Here are the steps to be followed so as to test the App and module by use of laid down test cases. Please help to suggest more test cases where you identify any use case that is not covered.

There are three options for getting the APK:

  1. For those already signed up as mUzima testers, the APK is available on Playstore
  2. For those willing to sign up as mUzima beta testers, please sign up here and then access the APK on Playstore
  3. For those who want to install 2.7.0 beta APK directly, please do so from Dropbox

The compatible mUzima core module (version 1.7.0) is available on Dropbox.

In case you encounter any issues while testing, please report it by commenting against the ticket or commenting on the wiki page or by sending an email to or

Happy testing!