mUzima app v2.7.0 and mUzimaCore v1.7.0 Release

Hello everyone!

It is another exciting moment to announce the final release of mUzima app for Health Providers v2.7.0 and mUzima Core v1.7.0!

This release comes with:

  • Support for additional languages, namely Hindi and Gujarat besides English, Swahili, French and Portuguese,
  • Features for index case testing, such as enabling person demographics update and Person Obs processing,
  • Bug fixes and several UI enhancements for improved user experience.

Please refer to mUzima 2.7.0 APK Release plan and mUzimaCore 1.7.0 release plan for a full list of new features, improvements and bug fixes that have been incorporated in this release.

The mobile app is already available for download from Android playstore , and the Omod is available from OpenMRS addons soon. The two artefacts may also be downloaded directly via this and this links.

Please send any questions or feedback by replying to this post or creatring a new one. If you want to reach out to the core team directly, send email via or

Thank you & cheers!