mUzima for Provider application v2.5.0 Release

We are delighted to announce the mUzima for Health Providers App (Version 2.5.0) and mUzima-core module (Version 1.5.0) official release.

The application has now been rolled to production and will be the version available for download as from today 28 Jan 2020 at 15:35 EAT. Please note that the application enforces a module compatibility check i.e it will not allow the users to log in if the muzima-core module version installed is not the latest version(V1.5.0)

We have released the module that will be available on in due time. The module can be downloaded from dropbox if it will not be available in the OpenMRS addons by the time anyone needs it.

The application comes with a number of new features, improvements and bug fixes that implementations should take advantage of. These includes:

  1. Support for Android version 9 (Pie)
  2. Clinical Summary feature (Abstract patient reports)
  3. Relationship feature (Linkage of index person on the mobile app as well as viewing of relationships)
  4. Multi-theme feature (dark/night mode and light/day mode - available under settings)
  5. Geomapping feature (Ability to locate patient address on google maps and get directions to their location important especially for patient tracing)
  6. Manual sync widget to sync all items if automatic sync is set off
  7. Concept parsing using UUID’s (Ability to use concept UUIDs on forms in addition to ID’s)
  8. Improved Handling of temporary observations (those created on the app before sync is done)
  9. Other minor improvements and bug fixes
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Thank you for everyone’s contributions and efforts, especially @bmokaya, @mssavai and Sam Mbugua!