mUzima Hackathon 2018

The Institute of Biomedical Informatics (IBMI) of Moi University, in conjunction with Masinde Muliro University, will be holding a mUzima annual hackathon at Masinde Muliro University Main Campus, Kakamega Between the 6th to 8th of June. The hackathon will focus on training students and developers on the basics of developing mUzima forms and contributing to the mUzima open source projects and the extended Openmrs open source project.

The Theme For this year’s hackathon is “Hack to Save a Life”.

Kindly provide us with your ideas to make sure this event becomes a total success.

This is a great opportunity for Young and ambitious developers who can contribute great Ideas to the App

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am more than willing to learn,contribute and see the successful deployment and implementation of muzima…its a great opportunity to be onboard…call me developer kimmy or lazaguru

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whats is expected of a developer in muZima forms and again can we create a whatsapp group where where we can interchange ideas and view matters from different elements perspective.thanks

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have just created a whatsapp group for members…join through these link. .thanks


currently muzima elearning is offline…needed to learn more but ooops.check on it

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Welcome to the team @WalterOchieng , we hope to get your contributions to the evolution of muzima

Hello @lazaguru you can start making your contributions from GitHub and by reading the mUzima wiki.

At the moment you can always reach out to the team via mUzima forums

Kindly share the url you used, reagards

To be well prepared for mUzima form development got through the community wiki on mUzima wiki and go through the mUzima forms repo on github. muzima form

Congratulations to the team for a wonderful hackathon. We look forward to welcoming interns to work with the mUzima team.