Outreachy Internship 2018 Deadline

Dear outreachy applicants,

We are thrilled by all your enthusiasm on your contributions to mUzima. After talking to our sponsor, here are some of the clarifications already.

For outreachy tickets, there are three types of tickets.

  • Documentation
  • Video
  • UI

It’s OK to have more than one submission as different interested applicants will have different ideas. However, please don’t copy or steal idea from what have been submitted as we will mark them as plagiarism. If there is a submission already, your submission will need to show your original work to avoid being marked as plagiarism in order to be fair to the applicants who sent in their submissions.

We will adopt extended deadline to Nov. 6, 2018. Please apply as currently we only have a handful of applicants applied officially.

Design and Coding

Design and Create Tutorial and Marketing Videos

mUzima Documentation

For resources, please see the following:

mUzima Logos:

mUzima Github:

mUzima Wiki:

mUzima Jira:



Hi @ada.yeung,

Thanks for the detailed explanation about the various tasks. I have started my first task on creating a video tutorial. As I have time to do one more contribution, can I take one more Video tutorial ticket? Or do I need to do Documention ticket or UI ticket? (I am okay to take up any tasks).

Thanks in advance,

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Thanks for your contributions, @jicksy! You are welcome to claim and contribute to more tickets. They don’t have to belong to the same type. When you apply on Outreachy, you will need to decide which project you would like to apply. I don’t know the rules in Outreachy if they allow applicants to apply more than one project so please check with Outreachy for their official rules. Cheers!

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Thanks @ada.yeung for the info. I will refer the guidelines in Outreachy. Cheers!

@bolaram, please see the following which is posted on the first post of the current thread.

here is amina thanks for this help and ease for us.

I would strongly encourage everyone to submit your applications before the deadline. For tickets that are not completely closed but you feel you have spent significant time, effort, and/or great improvement ideas, please still record on your applications.

For those who have already submitted your applications, thank you!

Also, please don’t let your contributions to mUzima stop here just because of the application deadline. As one of the main reasons for having this internship is to increase awareness and motivate folks to contribute to FOSS communities. Please keep the momentum going no matter who will end up with the internship. If this round doesn’t work out, there is always next around as well. Cheers!