Outreachy Internship December 2018-March 2019

Dear Outreachy applicants,

Welcome to mUzima!

Please complete the following steps if you are interested:

  • On this forum topic, introduce yourself by including your name, project that you are interested, experience that is relevant to that project if applicable or why you are interested in this project if you don’t have previous experience.

  • Download mUzima for Health Provider from Google Playstore to android device

  • Log in with credential (admin/test) and proceed with initial setup

  • Get familiar with the mUzima for Health Provider app.

  • Setup an account on mUzima Forum and ask on this topic.

  • Pick a ticket from mUzima jira and complete at least one ticket. If the ticket has been claimed by someone, you will need to pick a different ticket to work on.

  • Please record your contribution (even it’s work in progress) to any
    project on the Outreachy website. You can find a link to record a
    contribution for mUzima project under muzima project listing here:
    https://www.outreachy.org/apply/project-selection/ (Note that only approved applicants will be able to see the link, not mentors.)

  • Timeline for your internship:
    Week 1: Getting to know each other/Clarifying expectations/requirements/deliverables

    Week 2: Share first draft of proposed workplan along with timeline

    Week 3: Start working on Deliverable #1

    Week 4: Revise Deliverable #1/Start working on Deliverable #2

    Week 5: Revise Deliverable #2/Holiday

    Week 6: Presentation on Deliverable #1 and #2 to mUzima community/Start working on Deliverable #3

    Week 7: Revise Deliverable #3/Start working on Deliverable #4

    Week 8: Revise Deliverable #4/Start working on Deliverable #5

    Week 9: Revise Deliverable #5/Presentation on Deliverable #3, #4, and 5 to mUzima community

    Week 10: Bonus Credits/Prepare final deliverables and presentation based on feedback

    Week 11: Final deliverables and presentation to mUzima community

    Week 12: Float


Dear Ada and team,

as requested Im here to present myself here, as a Outreachy applicant.
My name is Marina, I come from Brazil, I’m a programming self learning student (html, CSS and C) and a FOSS enthusiast.

I got very interested on the Muzima project, one for the social extension of it, be part of a project focused on health is very aligned to what I want to work with. Also it called my attention being developed by and for an african country. As a member of the global south, it gives me a good empowerment feeling to join such program.

Im interested on the project “Design and Create Tutorial and Marketing Videos”. I’ve done some screencasting and I’m a big tutorial student. I have also gave workshops about a music producing software called Ableton Live. So I have a lot of intuitive knowledge of how to make a good and clear tutorial.
As graduation, I finished my bachelor in Pedagogy and Visual Arts, in São Paulo. I have big attention towards education and free information flow.

I would like to take the ticket for this project, but I couldnt find it so far.
Ive done another topic here on the forum explaining some points I think the videos could improve and with some doubts about how to proceed.

Link for the topic Ive done: About contributing with Muzima - Outreachy

I hope to hear from you soon,
excited to begin!



Hi, @urubumarinka, thanks for your interests and post.

We have added more tickets. Please check mUzima jira.

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My name is Marianne, and I am a 2018 Outreachy applicant. I’d love to contribute to the mUzima projects! I’m from the United States, and am a self-taught student. I have been learning since July of last year, focusing mostly on Java, XML, Android development, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. I have participated in a few programs to accelerate my learning. This month, I will graduate with an Android Basics nanodegree from Udacity, for which I received a Grow with Google scholarship. This summer, I also participated in the first Summer of Code with One Million Women to Tech, exploring various technologies, such as Python, JavaScript, mobile prototyping, and React. Also, prior to beginning my studies, I worked as a Registered Nurse, so I have a background in healthcare.

Specifically, I am interested in contributing to the Design and Coding project, as well as the Documentation project. I have been exploring the app, as well as the mUzima wiki, and YouTube tutorials. I look forward to learning more about mUzima and utilizing my skills to contribute to your mission!

Thank you!
Github: https://github.com/mswann11


Welcome @Marianne! We are excited to hear your interests. Please claim a ticket from https://tickets.muzima.org/issues/?jql=labels%20%3D%20Outreachy-2018. Cheers!

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Hello dear mUzima Team,

My name is Carolina from Peru, I’m quite excited on working on this project, and I’m a Outreachy aspirant. I focused on the task about documentation, so I’ve downloaded and played around with the app.

Now I have found some points to update the documentation, and I created a ticket in jira, but I’d like to know how I can make my contribution to update the documentation, that is, should I upload a document to the JIRA ticket with the updated information for review? , if this is the case, what is the accepted format? or what should be done?

Hope to hear from you soon,
All the best,

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Thanks, @carolina.asto. Please post on Outreachy Internship December 2018-March 2019 so other members who are interested will be able to view there.

In the meantime, you can create the document in word format and then attach to the ticket for review/feedback.


Hi everyone,
I am an Outreachy applicant. I am interested in contributing to mUzima Android Development. I have required skills to start with. Please guide me how can I start contributing.
How can I get get access to git repository? What tasks are need to accomplish during application period?
Please guide!

Waiting for early response,


Hi @Priyanka,

Thanks for your interest and welcome to mUzima forums!

Here is the Android project repo: https://github.com/muzima/muzima-android, and the corresponding module for OpenMRS: https://github.com/muzima/openmrs-module-muzimacore

During the application period, you can begin to familiarize yourself to the mobile application, by learning how the application works.

Here are some resources:

Feel free to ask questions you may have.



Hi Simon,

Thank you very much once again! Happy to get chance to learn about mUzima Application.

I am already exploring the App currently, downloaded from playstore and have successfully logged in. I will also checkout all the other links and information associated with it.

I have a major doubt i.e. :-

After getting familiarized, what are the next steps? Next step as in about work as I have to work to record contributions to Outreachy to get selected as an intern. So what about that?

Secondly, for any work related query how do I reach you? Via emails? or we follow some other way or is any any specific time when you will be available?

Also, I wanted to ask if it is okay to call my mentors with their first name (as I said Simon) because generally I denote seniors as Sir/Ma’am :slight_smile: . Don’t want to hurt anyone’s sentiments.




Welcome to mUzima and thanks for your interests, @Priyanka! Please check out Outreachy Internship December 2018-March 2019 and follow the instructions. Cheers!



I’m Zita and I’m an Outreachy applicant. I downloaded your mUzima app and I found it interesting. I have some Java experience and I would like to improve my skills and I think the best way to join an open source project. I would be happy to write documentations or to help make your app better.
I love learning and I am very excited to take part of your amazing project! I found your project in outreachy’s project list. I would like to know more about your app and project. Could you give me some advice how I can start it? Or can you suggest a direction for a newcomer to get more familiar with mUzima?

Thanks, Zita


Welcome to mUzima and thanks for your interests, @Zita. Please check out Outreachy Internship December 2018-March 2019 for more information.

Hi everyone,

My name’s Linh and I’m interested in contributing to mUzima. I have taken a few college courses in Java and made a number of Java apps. I’ve made a fullstack clinic management app too. I have some experience in mobile apps (swift, react-native) and interest in design as well.

My github is https://github.com/grass-jelly.



Thanks for your interests and introduction, @rnoire. Please follow the instructions on Outreachy Internship December 2018-March 2019.

Hello dear Muzima Team,

my name is Marina and Im a Outreachy 18 aspirant. I would love to work on the app.
I saw a message from another Outreachy applicant. Should we work together on the same issue? Or we would have different tasks?

Thanks for the attention,
Best regards,


Hello dear Team,

I’ve downloaded and played around with the app today. I focused on the task for the video documentation and I came both with some ideas as well as some questions.
Im not sure if this is the right channel for that. Im sorry if not, i will be promptly removing and addressing to the right place. But nevertheless I will copy it here. I hope its ok.

I’m quite excited on working on this project. I’m from Brazil, that said my native language is Portuguese. As I saw there is also a project for translating it for Portuguese I thought it may be a good information to share.

So goes my first impressions:



  • In general it could have more accessibility qualities such as:
    - narrator
    - Closed caption in other languages
  • More dynamic flow, with a bit of animation (simple ones, some arrows or circles to make clear clicks and other finger movements), zoom, live showing writing
  • A different soundtrack for each video
  • White bar, with the descriptions, shouldn’t overlap the app screen
  • clearer screen ( for exemple, on the video for Initial setup, the first screen of googleplay dopant look so much realistic, also the one after, with the app logo superimposed on a space background
  • use a screen casting tool or record from a android emulator on a laptop that doesn’t present time recording reference on the up part of the screen nor watermark


  • Should we make the recording all with open source apps?
  • should the source of the recording be an Android, a Linux PC, Windows or Mac. Or doesn’t matter?
  • How can I register/write the documentation for the templates. Or better, which platform should I use to make these templates for further videos.

Hope to hear from you soon,

All the best,


Thanks for your interests, @urubumarinka. Please claim a ticket from mUzima jira.

Hi mUzima team,

I am Saloni Garg, an Outreachy applicant from India for this round. I have already completed a course in basic Android Development.
While looking through the Outreachy Projects list, I felt this project is the best one for me as I am well-versed with Android, have created tutorial videos before and I am also into Graphic design & Video Editing.
I have downloaded the mUzima Android Application and familiarized myself with it, too.
I have already signed up with mUzima JIRA, and currently I am working on two tickets. I have submitted an initial draft for the first ticket and will come up with some work on the second ticket soon.

Thank You for your time,
Saloni Garg