Outreachy Internship Winter 2019


Dear potential applicants for Outreachy Internship Winter 2019,

Please introduce yourself including a brief background of yourself and why you want to do the internship with mUzima here. For those who would like to contribute, check out tickets under https://tickets.muzima.org/projects/MFB. Before claiming tickets however, please go through the ticket workflow on wiki to understand the lifecycle of mUzima tickets, and also go through contribution guidelines to understand how to claim tickets.

For the contribution phase, ensure that you at least complete the following tasks:

  • Claim and attempt one subtask under ticket MFB-12
  • Attempt at least one ticket labelled level1 under the mUzima Forms Builder project
  • Attempt at least one ticket labelled level2 under the mUzima Forms Builder project
  • Test or review at least one ticket done by others

Please ensure you follow the contribution guidelines.

For more information, please visit mUzima Wiki. For the scenario all the tickets are claimed, please post a message here and tag @mssavai and @bmokaya and they will add more tickets.

For the Outreachy Internship guideline and timeline, please refer to https://www.outreachy.org/.

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Hi all, I am Namrata Jha currently pursuing Bachelor in Technology in Computer Engineering from Delhi Technological University, India. I’m particularly interested in interning with mUzima this Fall because of the cause of healthcare that it primarily works for, and having contributed to the community earlier as well, am looking forward to contributing and working with the mentors this application period!

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Hi! I’m Aashna from IIIT-Hyderabad, India. I would love to intern with mUzima this winter as an Outreachy intern. I want to work with the community for its novel initiative of providing healthcare. I have experience in Android and Java, and I would love to work on an android-based project! Please tell me how to get started!

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Thanks, @namrata-jha and @aashnajena for your interest in a mUzima-Outreachy internship! As detailed in the project documentation (will be available on Outreachy website soon), this time round the project to be worked on will involve creating a version 1.0 drag and drop HTML builder for mUzima forms.
Please take a look at introductory tickets via the project’s issue tracker. Feel free to ask questions or attempt any of the introductory tickets.


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Hello! I hope that I’m posting this if l in the right spot. My name is Jennifer. I am located will be automatically deleted in California. I would love this internship with mUzima because of my interest in front end and web app development. I’ve been studying programming on my own for about three years, primarily HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I recently enrolled in an online college, University of the People, as a computer science major. I’m looking forward to getting started with this program.

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Dear Ada Yeung,

I am Aishat Akinyemi, an Information Systems graduate. I code in Javascript, html, css, Java, and C#.

I want to apply my HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills in solving real world problems. I see the mUzima App as a very beneficial app that seeks to make Health Tech accessible to all. I am particularly interested in developing drag and drop feature.

I look forward to contributing and learning! Thank you.

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Hi @ada.yeung,

My name is Merilyn. Your mUzima app looks fascinating. I am interested in contributing as a potential intern from Outreachy. I’ve been developing in Javascript, HTML5, CSS3 for several years now. I’d like to try to help in your project.

I was wondering if the skills required for this project include Java? I only saw Javascript and HTML5 listed on Outreachy.

The mUzima’s Developer Guide,


listed installing Java for your server. Do I understand that I have to execute all the steps in this guide in order to contribute? Thanks.

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Hello My name is Claudia. I live in California, USA. I have been teaching myself to code for the past 2 years or so. I have taught myself HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Nodejs, ReactJS and postgresSQL. I have built some projects for myself and others. I know that if needed I could learn another language that could benefit your project.

I am super interested in Developing an HTML drag and drop form builder for mUzima mobile application forms. From what I gather you want something more interactive for users to use and have experience with. I believe that my skills are highly suited for this and would love to work with you.

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Hi? I am Joan, I’m extremely interested in working on this mUzima project as an outreachy Intern. I would like to contribute to this project, as it gives Health providers a platform that eases their service delivery process. I’m eager to start working on this project.

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My name is Barine Sambaris. I am from Nigeria, Africa. I studied computer science and i need to expand my skills and improve on what i learned in school.

I chose to do my internship with mUzima primarily because the skills and experience was in frontend languages - HTML, CSS and Javascript. I have been learning those for a while now and i have used them while working on website projects, but i find the mUzima drag-gable forms to be challenging. I will love to challenge myself.

mUzima is focused on the healthcare sector and i would also love to be a part of helping people, and making lives better with a seamless healthcare.

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Hi @msc2019,
Thanks for your interest. You do not have to execute all the steps, as it gives a general guide on how one would start while working on the mUzima app as well as the mUzimaCore OpenMRS module.

The form builder project is a new one and may not have been covered under that documentation. To begin contributing, you will need to look at the available tickets on the issue tracker and pick a task, then figure out the best tools to use.

Feel free to post further questions as needed.


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Hello. My Name is Grace Ninsiima. I am from Uganda, Africa. I have just completed my Bachelors of science in software engineering and currently developing my career as a software developer. I have learnt HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, Java and C programming languages.

I look forward to contributing to mUzima project of developing an HTML drag and drop form builder for mUzima mobile application forms as a potential intern. I have worked on a drag and drop web application before in JQuery and would like to challenge myself with this project since it is different from what I have done. Thank you.

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Am Joan Nakibuuka from Uganda. I am very passionate about utilization of information technology to better healthcare delivery and therefore very pleased to contribute to mUzima during this period and after. Looking forward to lots of sharing, learning and contributing to the fruition of the mUzima from builder project.
Nice meeting you all!

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@mssavai, @bmokaya hello. I have gone through the tickets as per the link provided by Ada in the pinned message but all tickets have been assigned. Kindly assist.
Thank you!

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Hi @jnakibuuka, thanks for your interest. Some of the tickets such as MFB-12 allows multiple people to work on them. As you wait for more tickets, you can also test those tickets that have already been done and need testing. Please see updated contribution guideline/instructions via the following wiki page:

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Hi there Ada and Fellow applicants,

I’m working with the Basic Encounter Form Template, but for some reason, some of the fields aren’t accepting text when I try them, particularly those under the subheading “Demographics”. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is it just on my computer? Thank you in advance for the help!



@JenCiaccio, for non-registration encounter form template, the demographic section is for displaying demographic data from existing patient record. That’s why it’s not editable. For the non-demographic sections, most fields should be enabled, unless the requirements specify otherwise (e.g. calculated field of BMI based on input values of weight and height).


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