Outreachy May 2020 to August 2020 Internship

Please introduce yourself and follow the instructions below if you are interested in applying for Outreachy May 2020 Internship with mUzima.

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Greetings everyone. I am Ndip Helen from Cameroon. I would like to contribute to muzima as an outreachy intern. I am ok with writing code with Java, javascript, html and using git and android framework.

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Welcome to mUzima, @Helen! :slight_smile:

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Hello! I am Loveth from Nigeria. Hoping to understand how the muzima form builder works and make contributions to it as an outreachy intern. familiar with java, html5, git, android development and a bit of javascript

Hi everyone!

I am Tejaswi , undergraduate(junior) in my college from India. I have been keen towards java , Android since one and half years and eventually got involved in frontend web development though and pretty excited to start off my contributions to Muzima which h

Please how can one get started, what instructions? I cant find any

Hi, everyone, my name is Juliet from Uganda. Am interested in this project though am a beginner, I promise to do my best as an intern. Am motivated to work on this project because of the passion I have in health sector. Am okay with java script, html, and css though am a beginner in Java.

Hello @ada.yeung and everyone ! Iā€™m Tejas and I love the idea of using some of my new HTML/CSS and JS skills for working with mUzima as an Outreachy applicant. So how does one get started on making contributions here?

Hello everyone, this is rosheen naeem. Hoping to make contributions in mUzima as a front end developer

Hi everyone, I am Akanksha from Delhi, India. Excited to join and contribute to the mUzima community.

@ada.yeung I am interested in working on drag and drop form builder. Please guide me on how can I get started.

Hi everyone!
I wanted to introduce myself, per the instructions :slight_smile: My name is Fawziyah, and I have been a user of mUzima for a while, but have never had the courage to contribute my knowledge to the project. Being able to give back to this product, this summer is a big goal of mine!

Hello @ada.yeung and everyone,
My name is Taib Ali. I am a final year student at Moi University pursuing an MSc. in Health Informatics. I have been privileged to have been attending mUzima team weekly calls pertaining implementations; basically to touch base and keep myself informed about mUzima implementations. However I am particularly yet to get the opportunity to learn and practice hands on experience with respect to mUzima. I have previously taken simple tasks such as making slide-decks to be used as a guide for mUzima installation and initial setup and configurations as well as assisting with simple tickets such as testing. This has not been sufficient enough to instill confidence in me, hence the reason behind wanting to learn more about mUzima. I am writing to apply for this opportunity to learn from the mUzima team. This opportunity will increase my understanding of mUzima as well as impact me with the necessary skills and knowledge as I prepare to enter the work field.

Hi All,

I am Abdelkhlik ALJunidie, one of 2020 Outreachy Applicant, I am a Computer Engineering Bachalor student, I have professional experience in web development and I am an experienced front-end developer, I also have experience in Jave and Android platform and C/C++ language.I am really excited to apply what I learned to mUzima Project,

Nice to meet you All
Best regards,

Hi again,

I noticed that there is not enough level 1 and level 2 tickets on the MFB nearly all of them are claimed by the previous cohort, @mssavai @bmokaya , @ada.yeung .
Is there any tickets that we can work on currently?

Thank you so much,