Outreachy May'19-August'19

Dear @luanafaustini, please see the reply on Outreachy May'19-August'19. Thanks!

Welcome to mUzima, @luanafaustini!

Welcome to mUzima, @jacquettaB!

Welcome to mUzima, @Job! Please check out Outreachy May'19-August'19

Welcome to mUzima, @sharada.panchal ! Please check out Outreachy May'19-August'19

Dear @h_supi, please see Outreachy May 2019 to August 2019 Internship.

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Thank you @ada.yeung. It’s clear now

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Testing for my account.

Thank you @ada.yeung, what can I do if the version that I could download was 2.2.0?

@luanafaustini, can you send me private message with your gmail address so I can add you as beta tester? Thanks!

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Greetings everyone.
My name is Mbino Ruth, I’m an Outreachy aspirant. I’m interested in contributing to the mUzima testing project. I have some knowledge on documentation and I pay attention to details. I’m willing to learn to while contributing. Please I need guides on how to start contributions.

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Thank you @ada.yeung

Welcome to mUzima, @Ruth!

Please read the following:

Hello team mUzima
My name is Balirwa Priscillah, an outreachy applicant. I am from Uganda. I have some experience in testing and documentation. Excited to be here!

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Continuing the discussion from Outreachy May'19-August'19:

Hello everyone and @ada.yeung,
I’m Adekunle from Nigeria, an outreachy applicant. I have prior experience in programming and I’m from computer science background. I love learning new things and expanding my skills.
I’m specifically interested in the mUzima project because I find it resourceful, it involves documentation and testing and as well give room for applicants to expand their skills. I look forward to contribute to this project immensely and learn more from the community.

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Hello everyone, My name is Joy from China. I am so glad to join in mUzima family. The testing project seems interested to me and I am very excited to get started to work with you guys.

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Hello! My name is Lynn, an Outreachy applicant, highly interested in the work Muzima has listed for their extended deadline project #1 regarding the updating of documentation. I graduated in December of 2018 in Information Systems and enjoy, very much, editing writing for clarity and conciseness. I look forward working alongside you and making mUzima more user friendly.

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Hello everyone, this is Namrata Jha from Delhi, India and I am an Outreachy aspirant. I would love to contribute to this application and am really excited for the same. I am late here since exams at college had kept me busy since the last week of February, however I am highly committed to contribute a lot in the coming days. Could someone please guide me through any specific instructions if any. Also, I needed to know if my late-coming to the community would harm my proposal in any way, I’m really sorry for that again. Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @ada.yeung
The tickets listed on the link: https://wiki.muzima.org/display/muzima/mUzima+2.4.0+Release+Plan are allocated to someone or resolved, therefore I am not able to select a ticket for testing.

As you mentioned in one of your comments that, we can choose a ticket which has been stated as resolved and no one has listed any steps or description for the same.

Kindly help me with such tickets, so that I can contribute to this project.

Thank You

Thanks for letting me know, @sharada.panchal! I have updated the 2.4.0 Best Testing post which now has a new list of tickets for testing. See https://goo.gl/BHMgrs Thanks!