Outreachy May'19-August'19

Testing for my account.

Thank you @ada.yeung, what can I do if the version that I could download was 2.2.0?

@luanafaustini, can you send me private message with your gmail address so I can add you as beta tester? Thanks!

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Greetings everyone.
My name is Mbino Ruth, I’m an Outreachy aspirant. I’m interested in contributing to the mUzima testing project. I have some knowledge on documentation and I pay attention to details. I’m willing to learn to while contributing. Please I need guides on how to start contributions.

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Thank you @ada.yeung

Welcome to mUzima, @Ruth!

Please read the following:

Hello team mUzima
My name is Balirwa Priscillah, an outreachy applicant. I am from Uganda. I have some experience in testing and documentation. Excited to be here!

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Continuing the discussion from Outreachy May'19-August'19:

Hello everyone and @ada.yeung,
I’m Adekunle from Nigeria, an outreachy applicant. I have prior experience in programming and I’m from computer science background. I love learning new things and expanding my skills.
I’m specifically interested in the mUzima project because I find it resourceful, it involves documentation and testing and as well give room for applicants to expand their skills. I look forward to contribute to this project immensely and learn more from the community.

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Hello everyone, My name is Joy from China. I am so glad to join in mUzima family. The testing project seems interested to me and I am very excited to get started to work with you guys.

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Hello! My name is Lynn, an Outreachy applicant, highly interested in the work Muzima has listed for their extended deadline project #1 regarding the updating of documentation. I graduated in December of 2018 in Information Systems and enjoy, very much, editing writing for clarity and conciseness. I look forward working alongside you and making mUzima more user friendly.

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Hello everyone, this is Namrata Jha from Delhi, India and I am an Outreachy aspirant. I would love to contribute to this application and am really excited for the same. I am late here since exams at college had kept me busy since the last week of February, however I am highly committed to contribute a lot in the coming days. Could someone please guide me through any specific instructions if any. Also, I needed to know if my late-coming to the community would harm my proposal in any way, I’m really sorry for that again. Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @ada.yeung
The tickets listed on the link: https://wiki.muzima.org/display/muzima/mUzima+2.4.0+Release+Plan are allocated to someone or resolved, therefore I am not able to select a ticket for testing.

As you mentioned in one of your comments that, we can choose a ticket which has been stated as resolved and no one has listed any steps or description for the same.

Kindly help me with such tickets, so that I can contribute to this project.

Thank You

Thanks for letting me know, @sharada.panchal! I have updated the 2.4.0 Best Testing post which now has a new list of tickets for testing. See https://goo.gl/BHMgrs Thanks!

@nidhi and @lo-silento Would you like to make the requested changes on the testing instructions you had provided, if not I will be more than happy to take it up. :slight_smile:

@nidhi and @lo-silento, please respond to @namrata-jha if you are still working on those tickets. If @namrata-jha doesn’t hear back from you within 3 business days, we will assume you no longer work on those tickets and they will be worked by others. Thanks!

Hi all,

I am Vanshika from Delhi,India. I am an outreachy aspirant and would love to work on the project “mUzima testing”. I have worked on several projects at my college which required programming and presentation skills. My apologies for being late here but I am really dedicated to contribute in the coming days. I am looking forward to enhance my skills while contributing to this project.


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Hi @namrata-jha @ada.yeung I am still working on the changes. I had some setbacks but am back on it


Hello @ada.yeung, all the tickets on the link https://goo.gl/BHMgrs have either already been tested or have been claimed by someone. In case I want to test tickets what shall I do? Moreover, will there be any more tickets added for testing till the end of the Outreachy application phase or is this it?
Thank you for responding to all my queries with utmost patience.

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Thanks for bringing my attention, @namrata-jha! Those are the tickets we have so far for potential Outreachy applicants for testing. If you would like to work on more tickets (not necessary testing), you can check on https://tickets.muzima.org/projects/MUZIMA/issues/MUZIMA-623?filter=allopenissues and see any of the open tickets that you can work on. Always post a comment and tag me and the assignee on particular ticket so that we can confirm.

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But since the Outreachy program includes testing and documentation, can these too be recorded as contributions?