Pujitha Jaji's Introduction(an Outreachy Applicant)

Hello Everyone!!

This is Pujitha Jaji( You can call me Puja,Pronouns: [she/her/hers]) from India, delighted to be part of mUzima community.

I am very much excited to work on this amazing project because I am deeply compassionate towards health and have a strong desire to contribute something great to it.I am extremely happy that I took this forward step to contribute for project “mUzima Testing” for Outreachy internship.
I am logical, rational and intellectual so it’s easy for me to zoom in on what’s important, such as key points and significant details.
I also worked as a content developer for an esteemed organisation.

Right now I am exploring all tickets to kickstart my work with love

Good health to you All.

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Welcome to mUzima, @puja_jaji28!

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Thank you so much Ada!
I’m raring to dig in and get going.