Testing Beta Release of mUzima 2.4.0

Instructions for testing:

  • Please join the beta testing team via https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.muzima; download apk to android device; user credential (username: admin and password: test) to login.
  • Test against tickets listed on https://wiki.muzima.org/display/muzima/mUzima+2.4.0+Release+Plan (UPDATE: Because all the tickets listed under 2.4.0 have been tested (except a couple which we need to wait for interested applicants to confirm they are working on them or not, here are new list of tickets that can be tested agains if there is no testing comments posted. https://goo.gl/BHMgrs. Also, most of the tickets only include one scenario for testing which means it still has rooms for including testing with different scenarios. For those who can think outside of the box, you should take on the challenge to come up with different testing scenarios and try to find a way to cause the app crash which is one of the top skills that we are looking for).
  • For tickets that you tested on, please include
    ** Android version on your device (e.g. Android 7.0.0)
    ** APK version (e.g. mUzima apk 2.4.0 beta)
    ** List out EACH STEP you took for testing and what the result you experience for EACH STEP

A good example would be https://tickets.muzima.org/browse/MUZIMA-637.

Note: When in doubt, please tag @mssavai @bmokaya @SamOwino @ada.yeung, so they can answer you promptly via https://tickets.muzima.org. Please keep ticket specific questions on the related ticket via https://tickets.muzima.org. For general questions about Outreachy/mUzima Internship, you can post on https://forums.muzima.org. Thanks!

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Hi Ada Yeung,

I am following what you instructed, but there are some things that I’m still confused about and I’m afraid I might go wrong with your request. Could you please help me with this?

  • When I test against a ticket which listed on here: https://wiki.muzima.org/display/muzima/mUzima+2.4.0+Release+Plan, which case should I raise it on https://tickets.muzima.org/: only when I can still find a problem related to the ticket or even when app works well. And where can I raise my ticket testings: I should comment them under the related ticket or I should create a new one
  • During exploring mUzima app, I may find some issues which are not related to the tickets on the list, can I create a new ticket for this?
  • And suppose that I raised some issues or comments on https://tickets.muzima.org, how can I let you know about them.

Thank you in advance!

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Each testing feedback/steps/questions should be posted on that particular ticket only. You do NOT create a new ticket for feedback. You are testing for particular ticket and comments should be posted for that particular ticket that you are testing for.

For new issues identified during testing for a particular ticket, you should first report on that particular ticket. Someone from mUzima Team will confirm if your findings are legitimate to create a new ticket or there might be some misunderstanding from your part.

Please read instructions on the banner. It says “When in doubt, please tag mUzima Team so one of us will respond.”

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@ada.yeung There are still more than 2 weeks for the contributions for the Outreachy programme, and I want to contribute a lot during this time, since I missed out on earlier contribution due to exams at college for the last 3 weeks. However, there are not enough tickets in the 2.4.0 release which I can test which won’t let me participate fully. What shall I do in such a case, your help is highly appreciated, thank you very much! :slight_smile:

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Welcome to mUzima, @namrata-jha! I have updated the description of this post to include more tickets that need testing. See https://goo.gl/BHMgrs. Thanks!

@ada.yeung Hi, I’m an Outreachy applicant and while exploring the app came across a few things I’d like to bring to your notice in their possibility of being something we can work on.

[Android version 6.0.1 , mUzima version 2.4.0 (downloaded via google play as beta tester)]

  1. In the Clients page, there is no label for the National ID/ Patient identifier (as is for DOB). We can add that to make it more user-friendly.
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  1. In the All Form Templates tab, while the description for some templates contains the same text as the template name, there are a few that say “No description Available”. To maintain consistency, we can add the template name in the description if one isn’t available.
  1. On the OpenMRS demo server (http://demo2.muzima.org/openmrs/findPatient.htm), the error message on getting logged out after a certain period of inactivity does not seem very intuitive. If the API is being called from here, the server response in case of such an error can be changed to something that clearly instructs the user to log in again.

  2. On entering a value in the input for Patient Identifier (on the OpenMRS demo server) , the API call to get patients is made too soon. So, in the case of someone typing the identifier slower than expected, or in case of a typo, there will be unnecessary API calls. To resolve this, we can either use an Enter keypress event or add a button.

  3. Also, the validation for Patient Identifier on the OpenRMS demo server does not appear to be consistent. I have taken relevant screenshots however, I am unable to attach any more images due to the limitation for a new user.

Please provide your feedback to help guide me if i’m working in the right direction.

Dear @akanksha_mishra, please read the testing instructions first post of this post. It’s great that you did some testing and share the steps. However, those should be posted on specific ticket that you do the testing for. Please post them on the relevant jira ticket instead. Thanks!

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Sure, thankyou! I’ll follow that. :slight_smile:

However, as for most of the testing tickets, they have been claimed by my fellow applicants. I even checked the update in this post with the new tickets…I think I might not be able to contribute to the existing tickets now.
So, I hope to be able to raise a ticket which does not correspond to the existing ones. That’s why I thought to post the issues on this thread…But I now realise they would be irrelevant here. Please let me know if it sounds like a feasible way for me to contribute.

Thankyou again, I really appreciate the warm welcome.

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